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Hello Friends.
On this page you will find Mini Sermons Audio downloads. 
Due to the fast pace world we live in we feel people need quick reminders of God's Word to help them through the week. The Audio recordings were put together with the intent to feed and challenge you spiritually.
Our prayer is for you to grow closer to our heavely father and become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.
Pastors Roscoe and Revita De Chalus
Lord of Hope Ministries International


LOHM Audio Sermons


Note: Depending on download speeds It may take 30-60 seconds for the audio to play.



Click the following to listen to "Philemon"

Click the following to listen to "Impure Thoughts" Thoughts/Impure Thoughts.mp3


Click the following to listen to "Self Control-Name Calling" Control-Name Calling/Self Control-Name Calling.mp3


Click the following to listen to "Be Encourage" Encourage/Be Encourage.mp3



Click the following to listen to "Dealing With Difficult People" With Difficult People/Dealing With Difficult People.mp3


Click the following to listen to "Living A Godly Life" A Godly Life/Living A Godly Life.mp3


Click the following to listen to "Why is the bible Important?" Is The Bible Important/Why Is The Bible Important.mp3


Click here to download Dealing with Fear

Click Here For "Salt and Light"

Click the following link to go to our Just Preach website and listen to Pastor Roscoes sermon: God's Laws. Are They Outdated? Note: This one is a little longer then the audio Sermon Minuets.

God's Laws. Are They Outdated?

Lord of Hope Ministries International